WendyJust a little about who I am,...

I recently made a career change leaving the Banking industry and over 20 years in office administration and customer service to pursue my true passion of working with new and exciting technology. I completed a six month accelerated course in Help Desk and Microsoft Systems Administration from a local Microsoft Accreted Academy obtaining my CSS, HDA, MCP, and MCDST certifications with a GPA of 3.83.

Though my schooling was focused in the area of Systems Administration in a Microsoft environment when the opportunity to work with web servers in a Linux environment presented itself I jumped at the chance to make the change, it meant learning a whole new language, but it was an exciting challenge and I loved it!

As with all aspects of this industry, my employer continues to grow and expand and after 2 years I feel I may be starting to settle into my position as it has become more in sync with my acquired certifications. After initially graduating over 5 years ago, I felt a desperate need to brush up on quite a few things that the "accelerated" course only briefly touched and felt if I am going to it, I might as well do it right. And so I find myself going back to school again to work twards my Associate’s Degree in Network Administration, this time at our local Technical College.

I have 2 children, and 3 grandchildren, I enjoy spending time with family and friends doing a variety of activities like motorcycle riding, camping, fishing, snowmobiling and snowboarding just to name a few. I have a creative side that only seems to surface when I have no control of it and not when I would like it to. I like to draw meaningless things, and write meaningless poetry. I am a jeans & t-shirt, casual laid back person, but often dream of getting dressed up to go someplace special. Though the good Lord did not see reason to bless me with the gift of making music, I love to listen to it. Music is the beat of the soul and dancing is a release of all that is trapped inside.... to slow dance is an expression of two souls becoming one... the ramblings of a hopeless romantic.

Over the last several years I have grown into a completely different person, realizing there is so much more potential in all of us, so much more then what we can understand, everything does happen for a reason. I have developed a deep appreciation for our Creator, and an eagerness to learn and please with a servant’s heart.

As a Gemini, I am pre-dispositioned as a person who loves conversation, though I have grown quiet as the years go by. But I love to listen, and observe, ...although I may have a tendency to ramble-on on certain topics.